At least 17 banilejos among the victims of the tragic accident in Chiapas, en route to the United States

Catalina, Peravia, RD.

Pain and despair is what is experienced in the Peravia province, where at least 17 of its citizens were victims of the tragedy that occurred in Chiapas, Mexico, last Thursday.

Till the date there are seven confirmed dead, several wounded and missing.

Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic affirms that they have identified three nationals, Deputy Julito Furcal assures that his office “People have come who say they have missing relatives.”

One of these cases is that of Mr. Catalino Brito, who assures that he has no news of his son Raymi Brito Figuereo. This one had gone out with Edison Báez Martínez, a neighbor who was killed in the accident.

The others who lost their lives while trying to reach the United States aboard a truck with other undocumented immigrants are Luis Emilio Roa Chalas, Angel Lugo García, Frantoni Matos González, Rafelin Martínez Castillo and Juan Alberto Soto.

Máximo Leónidas Espinosa was injured.

The deceased resided in the communities of Catalina, Cañafistol, El Cruce de Ocoa and Las 20 casitas de Baní. In the latter live several missing persons.

Among those who lost their lives are two cousins ​​from Catalina’s community, and a third who underwent surgery at the Chiapas Hospital in Mexico.

The nationals had paid large sums of money, which they gave in two games. One when they left the Dominican Republic and another when they crossed the border into the United States.

On the morning of this Monday, the main authorities of the province met with a vice minister of Foreign Affairs, and relatives of the victims.

At the meeting, the Dominican State promised to cover the costs of transporting the bodies and to coordinate with the Mexican authorities to assist the wounded.

The meeting was headed by Deputy Julito Furcal; the governor of the province, Yadira Báez; the mayor Santos Ramírez; the deputy Luis Báez and several councilors.

Fulcar said that the province is in mourning, and that it has been a “true tragedy.”


Last Thursday, a trailer carrying migrants crammed into the United States collided with a wall, allegedly due to speeding. The Mexican authorities count 55 dead and more than a hundred injured, mainly from Guatemala.

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