Erika Buenfil makes cosmetic adjustments before Christmas and this is the BEFORE and AFTER

Since the arrival of the pandemic Due to Covid-19, social networks have become the center of attention, and it is under this panorama that various personalities of the entertainment industry have captured new audiences across the different platforms, and one of them is Erika Buenfil.

Erika Buenfil, the queen of TikTok

Erika Buenfil has positioned herself as one of the most popular actresses recognized and nice within the scene of the show in Mexico, although nowadays She is recognized by young and old because she has earned the nickname “the queen of TikTok.”

This is because, during the pandemic, most artists have taken advantage of the weather confinement to stay closer than ever to your followers, so he was not left behind and He decided dabble in this famous short video platform, thus achieving imminent success.

In addition to her success and creativity in this social network, the famous is remembered for her multiple protagonists soap operas, one of the most recent and successful It was in 2012 with “True Love”, which she starred alongside Eduardo Yáñez.

Erika Buenfil undergoes cosmetic arrangements

Because it is considered one of the best known actresses in Mexico who has also positioned herself as one of the biggest influencers, Erika Buenfil constantly is located in the center of the reflectors.

That is why it has recently come to the attention that Erika Buenfil published on his social networks that he underwent various aesthetic adjustments, since the famous 58-year-old always looks for a way to look radiant to captivate on camera.

It was through his personal Instagram account that Buenfil published a Photography in which he appears alongside Uriel Hedding, who is an expert in treatments of beauty without surgery, among them the injection of hyaluronic acid and other processes to rejuvenate the skin stand out.

The famous actress of “Overcome the past” published said Postcard next to your aesthetic doctor before undergoing the processes of beauty on December 14, and later published a photograph where he looks much more jovialBesides, even the roots of her hair look different. Here we show you the before and after photos of the aesthetic retouching that the famous actress underwent.

Before your cosmetic procedure.

After your aesthetic touch-up.


Erika Buenfil CONFESSES why she does not pose in a bikini or little clothes

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