Pantry will distribute KN95 masks home tests of COVID

Since the pandemic began, in this pantry they have been distributing food and, starting next week, KN95 masks and home coronavirus tests will be delivered.

Maria Merchant is a neighbor who has come looking for food for the past year since she lost her job. She says that if they give her masks and tests it helps her pocket: “It’s a help. Quite a lot! Because imagine they are disposable, you put them on once and you have to throw them away and that’s a waste of money. Today is everything. expensive, imagine there is no work. “


Community organization MASBIA runs a food pantry for low-income people already received some 96,000 masks donated by NYC Health Hospitals; at least 20,000 have already been delivered to various offices of this organization.

Now they are waiting for more to arrive next week. These supplies were donated by the Department of Health and the city’s Tracking Squad in which they will have KN95 masks and home tests similar to these.

Lázaro Paz is the Head of Supplies at MASBIA, he explains: “Of course! It’s very important and it’s something else. So that people don’t have to be looking for where, since all that is going to bring it here.”

Paz knows the need that some have, he also came here to seek help before getting a job at the center. He explains that they serve up to 400 people every day and some ask if they have masks available so the donation will be a good help

“It is necessary. That is why people are surprised when they see that we put that on the table. Because many people actually think that only food is distributed and not,” says Paz.

The masks that were donated are KN95 and have 3 to 5 layers of protection and are considered more effective in preventing infections.

Rapid home tests can be done by people and get results in about 15 minutes. Avoiding the long lines that have been reported at some testing centers.

At least at this center, supplies are expected to arrive next week.

All people can make an appointment to receive food, masks and the rapid test, by sending a text with the word FOOD to 726879

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