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Sánchez Barba was on the singer’s deathbed, at the request of his son Gerardo, who called him, as he stated in an exclusive interview with the program Windowing.

“Gerardo (Fernández) called me from Saturday the 11th, I was at Mass at 7 and I heard someone call me, but I can’t answer at Mass, and it was him, he told me: ‘What if you can come and give him the anointing of the sick ‘, but he already told me, broken, crying, I said to him:’ Yes, how could I not? I immediately go ‘and I went, ”said the priest in the interview.

When he was with the singer, the priest noticed that the family had to speak into Chente’s ear and despite the fact that he was sedated, he che considers that Vicente was conscious, as he was trying to make movements to show that he understood what they were saying to him.

Given the rumors that El Charro de Huentitán did not die on Sunday, December 12, but before, the priest assured that he would have testified that his day of death was on that date, since he himself put the holy oils to dismiss him.

Last words

In relation to the last words of the Mexican charro, the priest declared:

“I think he was conscious, because they spoke in his ear, and he made signs that he understood. For example, Cuquita would say to him: ‘Let’s go home’, and he would say with his mouth, it seemed like he was saying ‘home, let’s go home, I love you’, a very strong, very emotional moment, of affection, of a great union among all, because there all, one by one, were parading hugging him, kissing him ”.

Vicente Fernández died last Sunday, December 12 at the age of 81, an event that caused mourning worldwide.

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His farewell was wrapped in so much media attention that theories began to emerge that the singer would not have died on the date that the family announced.

VIDEO: The priest Óscar Sánchez Barba spoke with Ventaneando about the last minutes of Vicente Fernández’s life

Lasting love

María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, known as Cuquita and Vicente Fernández met in Guadalajara, where they had been neighbors since childhood. Their love lasted for more than five decades, but was tainted by rumors of infidelity.

In an interview with HelloVicente Fernández said that the conflicts in the relationship arose when he decided that he wanted to be a singer. This involved constant travel and took time away from seeing loved ones. He even thought about the possibility of ending their courtship.

The Mexican star promised that for every peso she earned, 50 pesos would go to her mother and 50 to her. After returning from Mexico City to Huentitán, she met Cuquita again, but to her surprise a man who turned out to be her boyfriend accompanied her.

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Fernández told Cuquita that he would give her ten minutes to leave him because on December 27, 1963 they would be married. And it was fulfilled.

The wedding consisted of a modesty ceremony, although to date few photos have come to light. Among those there is one where Cuquita is seen at the altar in a white dress next to Vicente Fernández in a charro suit.

After a lifetime together they had two children, Vicente Jr. Alejandro and Gerardo, and adopted a third, Alejandra.

María del Refugio Abarca, Mrs. Cuquita, says goodbye to her husband Vicente Fernández. (Free Press Photo: Video capture)

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