Karol G’s hot dogging with a singer that fans can’t beat, and it’s not Anuel!

The ‘Bichota Tour’ came to an end, but it still gives something to talk about. After making his audience dance to the rhythm of his songs in different cities in the United States and in his country, Colombia, Karol G turned on the networks in the last hours.

The singer published a video where she is seen very closely with the reggaeton player Feid, but they not only approached on the stage, but they danced very sensually while they sang together in full concert.

Karol G with a rather urban look, a wide sweater and white boots, turned his back to Feid and bit him with a rather daring face. The urban singer responded to the movements and this caused the temperature to rise at the event and now, on social networks.

Karol G on the Latin Billboard 2021 |  Mezcalent

In the post that exceeded six million views, the comments were swift. The fans had conflicting positions, some celebrated this racy meeting, but most could not bear that it was not Anuel.

“Karol come back with Anuel please, he still loves you”, “If it’s not Anuel, we don’t want to see it”, “I love you, but I do not change the baby Anuel”, are some of the more than 10,000 comments left on the publication.

There were even those who thought that the Colombian published the video to make her ex-partner jealous. “That already happened. That you keep publishing it is because you want to make Anuel jealous. You can see that from afar ”, wrote another netizen, referring to the fact that the video was from days ago.

And although so far it is not known if there is something more than a dogging between Karol G and Feid, of what there is no doubt is that the fans still do not get over the break with Anuel and they loved seeing them together.

Let’s remember that recently ‘La Bichota’ sang with Anuel AA at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican appeared to her by surprise in the middle of the show, leaving her speechless, her and the public. As they shared with their followers, they decided to turn the page as a couple, close that cycle and remain as friends.

Karol G finished the ‘Bichota Tour’ as one of the most successful tours of his career. She achieved what a Latin female singer had not done in a long time, and that was to sell out the tickets in massive places in a few days. The singer put her singers to chant to her millions of fans who follow her in addition to her music, for becoming a figure of female empowerment.

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