The legend of Club América, Carlos Reinoso, comes out in defense of Sebastían Córdova

Sunday, December 19, 2021

One of the most respected and loved men in the America club is Carlos Reinoso for his legendary contributions as a player during the 70’s, in addition to his three stages in the Azulcrema technical direction. Precisely, because of his sacrifice on the court, he became a legend with an authorized voice to pronounce on the issues surrounding the environment of the Eagles.

Kingdom decided to comment on the matter of Sebastían Córdova and in a direct way defend the 24-year-old footballer after the inexhaustible criticism in which he has recently been involved in the contemptuously designated as “cold chest “ and also for those that would be very close to leaving the Nest to be the reinforcement of the UANL Tigers to meet again with the coach Miguel Herrera in the next tournament of Closing 2022.

The Teacher used his Twitter account to issue a publication in order to express his support for the Olympic medalist and acknowledge his impetuous work on the field of play, although in recent games with America was in the background for Santiago Solari, after the latter decided to place it in positions where Cordova He did not feel comfortable, which caused the footballer to share his disagreement in the dressing room, and as a response from the Argentine he would have relegated him from the approach to the attacker. Leaving in the second instance the common good of the team.

“Why do I say that Sebastián Córdova is not cold chest? Because to play in the first division you have to overcome a thousand obstacles that you encounter in your career to be able to debut and if you don’t have the balls you stay on the road,” Córdova wrote.

Carlos Reinoso chose to complement the information with the publication on social networks, after moments before in the program of TUDN, Line 4, The Master showed his disagreement with the departure of Sebastian Cordova of the Eagles and where he mentioned the existing deal with the Technical Director, Santiago Solari.

“Personally, I would never have sold him, he is a boy born in America with barbaric conditions, I do not agree with people saying that he is ‘cold chest’. A boy who at the age of 24 already made it to the Mexican National Team, played in the Olympic Games, it is because he has conditions, otherwise they would not take him to the Mexican National Team. It is a personal taste, I think it should not come out, “Reinoso said in the broadcast.

Cordova’s numbers

In this Scream Mexico Opening 2021, Sebastián Córdova participated in 13 commitments, but only in nine was he part of the starting eleven, scoring three annotations (only surpassed by Alvaro Fidalgo with a goal, who was the element with the most goals in America) to add 860 minutes of action in the Regular Phase and Liguilla.

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