Alexis Cervantes disappeared on his return to the city of Guasave

The community of basketball in Mexico has teamed up to find the whereabouts of the athlete Alexis Cervantes, whose whereabouts have been unknown since December 21. Cervantes who plays basketball for Libertadores de Querétaro And it is originally from Guasave, SinaloaHe left on a trip from Michoacán to Guadalajara and then took the road to Guasave to spend the holidays with his family in Sinaloa but he never arrived and after several days his situation is unknown.

The news began to go viral on social networks when some accounts related to basketball denounced the fact, the Mexican Basketball account gave the last update on December 25, where Alexis Cervantes’ journey stands out. They assure that the Sinaloan was in Crimbo, in Tancítaro, Michoacán playing a tournament, after that December 21 is the last date he was heard from.

“The Mexican Basketball community is asked for help to find the whereabouts of Libertadores de Querétaro player Alexis Cervantes. Alexis was playing a tournament in the town of Crimbo, Tancítaro municipality, Michoacán was seen for the last time on Tuesday, December 21 when he traveled from Michoacán to Guadalajara for his connection to Guasave to spend the holidays with his family “, it reads.

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Alexis Cervantes remains missing since December 21 | Photo: Capture

This same account highlights that Alexis Cervantes was carrying a backpack on which his surname “Cervantes” was embroidered. That same information was released by the Pacific Basketball Circuit who has requested the help of all people to find the player’s whereabouts. At the moment the information is not more extensive and it is not known if he was traveling alone or was with a companion at the time of his disappearance.

Alexis Cervantes has been a player for several teams in Mexico where he has shown his great potential, one of them has been the Guasave Liebres playing precisely in the Pacific Basketball Circuit (Cibapac) as well as in the Cibacopa. At the end of the statement they left a number where they can communicate in case they have valuable information for their appearance, cel: 687-191-04-05, so it can be dialed to provide more information.

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