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Ecuadorians spend 19.43 minutes per day on YouTube and watch an average of 10.62 videos per visit.

YouTube was the website most consulted by Ecuadorians in 2021, according to the Ecuador digital report of the Management Training company, with cut-off until October. With this, the world’s largest video platform dethroned from first place Google, which led in 2020. This year the search engine went to third place, below the digital encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Ecuadorians spend 19 minutes a day on YouTube and watch an average of 10.62 videos per visit. Meanwhile, Google spend 17 minutes daily with a total of 18.36 pages per query. The audiovisual platform belongs to Google. In October 2021 alone, 18 million “connections” were registered to these two sites in Ecuador.

Another of the sites that had an obvious fall was the social network Facebook. In 2020, it was second, but this year it appears in fourth place. 18 minutes is the daily average that the country’s users spend on this platform. This social network is the one with the most users in Ecuador so far with a total of 13.7 million. The majority of people who use Facebook are between the ages of 18 and 44. 51% are men.

Meanwhile, one of the sites that rises in the list is WhatsApp (with its desktop version). Last year it appeared for the first time on the list and was seventh, but this 2021 it rose to fifth place. There are 10 million registered accounts in the country. This app together with Facebook belong to Meta, whose highest representative is Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook and WhatsApp are Mark Zuckerberg companies. Photo: – JUSTIN SULLIVAN

The pornographic pages Y They also register a rise in the top 10. In 2018 they appeared for the first time and since that year they have been consolidated as places preferred by Ecuadorians. In 2020, xvideos ranked 8th and xnxx 10th. But nevertheless, In 2021, the first site rose to sixth place and the second to seventh. The cell phone is the favorite device to enter these web pages in the country.

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In the top 10 of this year also appears the website of THE UNIVERSE, in ninth place. Ecuadorians spend an average of 02:59 minutes to check the news on this page. In addition, they generate an average of 1.84 pages per visit.

The EL UNIVERSO website is among the ten most consulted sites in Ecuador.

In eighth place is the site and the list is closed by the website of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). These two sites appear for the first time in the top 10.

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Meanwhile, Instagram, Twitter and Zoom were dropped this year. According to Management Training, in Ecuador 79% of the population (14.25 million) have single or shared access to the internet.

List of the ten most visited websites in Ecuador in 2021

one. Youtube

two. Wikipedia

3. Google

Four. Facebook

5. WhatsApp






Source: Management Training (I)

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