How to have “AirDrop” between iPhone and Android

This alternative to AirDrop is multi-device and allows you to send files between iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

AirDrop is one of the star technologies of the Apple ecosystem. With AirDrop we can send any file between Apple devices in a matter of seconds, regardless of whether it is an image, a video or a document. It is something that is not available on Android, however there is a way to have something really similar and share files between iPhone and Android using “AirDrop”.

The operation, in addition, is really simple for any user and, although it is not as advanced as AirDrop nor does it have such a deep integration into the system, it allows us to share any file between different devices in seconds wirelessly.

The name of this alternative to AirDrop is Snapdrop, and it allows us to send a file from one device to another, even between non-Apple devices. This is not Apple’s AirDrop, but it is basically the same and allows Super fast data transfers between Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android computers.

Snapdrop, the multi-device AirDrop

Snapdrop is an alternative to AirDrop that works on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. It does so through a website from which we can send and receive any file.

Using Snapdrop is as simple as opening the website on both devices and dragging and dropping the file we want to send. The way that it works is very similar to AirDrop, on the screen we will see the device that is nearby, and we can send you any file quickly. The only requirement is that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to use Snapdrop, the AirDrop between iOS, Android, macOS or Windows

The steps to use this kind of AirDrop compatible with any operating system are the following:

  1. Both devices must connect to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to on both devices.
  3. On each device an icon will appear with the other.
  4. On the device you want to send a file from, tap on the icon of the other device.
  5. Select the file you want to send.
  6. A notification will appear on the second device to receive the file.

Snapdrop is a great alternative to AirDrop

In addition to files, photos or videos, Snapdrop also allows you to send text messages, something that can be useful in certain circumstances. Besides, also has an app for Google Chrome, so it will always be available on your computer.

It is true that it is not as comfortable a solution as AirDrop, which is available anywhere and does not need a Wi-Fi connection or spend data, however it is one of the best alternatives that exist, especially for its multi-device compatibility. If you have a Windows computer and an iPhone, it is a great way to send files, and the same if you want to send them from an iPhone to an Android terminal.

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