What is the SERIOUS suffering of Lucila Mariscal?

One of the topics that has monopolized the media today is the Lucila Mariscal’s delicate state of healthAfter the fall that she had hours after the Christmas meal, she had to be hospitalized for a hip fracture.

But that is not currently the most worrying thing about his state of health; the woman who gave life to “Doña Lencha” He suffers from an umbilical hernia that has affected him for a long period of time and now after the severe fall, he appears to be at risk.

It is important to mention that the umbilical hernia suffered by Lucila Mariscal it could burst at any moment; And although she will be operated on, the conditions must be optimal to be able to enter the operating room, since she also suffers from hypertension and diabetes.

lucila marshal health condition hip fracture is fatal
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What is the medical diagnosis of an umbilical hernia?

“An umbilical hernia occurs when a part of the intestine protrudes through the opening of the abdominal muscles near the navel. Umbilical hernias are common and, in general, are harmless, “explains the Mayo Clinic specialized portal.

The comedian representativeElias Cañete mentioned to El Universal that he is concerned, mainly because in addition to the fracture, he also suffers from an umbilical hernia that after the fall could have been significantly complicated.

“Right now the priority is to operate on the hernia because the doctor says that it is about to explode and that would be fatal,” said Lucila Mariscal’s manager regarding the nearly 80-year-old woman’s state of health.

How is the treatment of an umbilical hernia?

According to the MedLine Plus portal, hernias that occur in babies close on their own, but those that appear in adults may need surgical repair.

“During surgery, a small incision is made near the belly button. The tissue affected by the hernia is returned to the abdominal cavity, and the opening in the abdominal wall is closed with stitches. In adults, surgeons often use mesh to strengthen the abdominal wall, “they explain.

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