Adamari López responds to criticism of weight loss surgery

2021 was a great year for Adamari López due to the incredible physical change with which he has not stopped surprising us since January. And there is no doubt that the Ada that started the year is not the same as this week welcomes 2022. As an ambassador for WW (Weight watchers), a few days ago the Puerto Rican shared with her fans that part of this achievement and effort is supported by her participation in the program; However, throughout his physical change, rumors have emerged stating that the results are thanks to bariatric surgery, of which he had not spoken as directly as he did this Tuesday with a funny video.

“When they say: ‘That great body is because he had surgery'”, you can read in the clip while she lipsync the phrase. Somewhat angry, but jokingly, she responds: “Operate yourself! Operate! If you have the money and want to operate, operate and do not suffer ”. Steadfast and from her home kitchen, she continues: “If you want to exercise, do it. But don’t screw around! ”, He concludes.

A video that caused laughter from his friends and followers, who applauded how he faced the situation. However, there were those who noted that despite his posture, he still did not deny or confirm the surgery.

The effort of Adamari López

Adamari has long assured that her dedication and effort have earned her the slim figure that she proudly boasts on social media today. One of the main sacrifices he made was soda, because as he confessed in his interview with HELLO! USES, He got to drink up to six cans of soda, in addition to eating without hours or proper portions.

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