Cruz Azul looks for Cristian Pavón as a replacement for ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez

The celestial club sent a proposal for the forward who plays for Boca Juniors and who has six months left on his contract

MEXICO.- Blue Cross it already has its sights on replacing Jonathan Rodríguez, and it is about Cristian Pavón, for whom the A few days ago, the La Maquina board of directors launched an offer for the Boca Juniors forward, who has six months remaining on his contract with the xeneize team and could reach the cement team for the Clausura 2022.

Sources told ESPN that Blue Cross has done an exhaustive follow-up of Pavón, 25 years old, knowing that his contract with Boca is about to expire and that in the environment of the Argentine attacker his board has been informed that he does not plan to renew his contract.

Thus, Blue Cross sent an economic proposal to Boca and hopes that the Argentine club understands that it would be one of its last opportunities to recover a part of the value of Pavón, instead of seeing him leave for free in the summer, as happened to La Maquina a few days ago with Orbelín Pineda.

In case the negotiation is closed in a good way, Blue Cross would have in Cristian Pavon to the replacement of “Cabecita” Rodríguez.

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