Vice President reveals that he also took chlorine dioxide and asks to combine “the two medicines”

David Choquehuanca was vaccinated in the middle of incense.

Ministry of Health

After receiving the first dose of Sinopharm virus vaccine, Vice President David Choquehuanca once again defended traditional medicine and asked to combine it with pharmacology to “protect the people.”

A few days ago, in the midst of the controversy that arose because he did not receive the vaccine like other high authorities of the State, Choquehuanca claimed that he recovered from covid-19 with natural medicines and even eating grass.

This Monday, after being vaccinated by the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, the Vice President revealed that he also took chlorine dioxide to overcome the disease.

“I have acquired coronavirus in July 2020, I have overcome with traditional medicine, I have also taken chlorine dioxide and in the second, I have no longer felt as strong as in the first and I have also overcome with traditional medicine,” said Choquehuanca in brief contact with journalists.

Thus, the second authority of the State called on the population to protect themselves with “pharmacological medicine and traditional medicine” and recalled that the vaccination card is a requirement to enter public institutions.

PAHO does not recommend chlorine dioxide

On two occasions, in August 2020 and January 2021, The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) recommended that the population avoid the consumption of products that contain chlorine dioxide.

“PAHO does not recommend using chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite-based products orally or parenterally (intravenous, intraarterial, intramuscular, and subcutaneous) in patients with suspected or diagnosed covid -19, or in any other case, because it does not there is evidence of their efficacy and the ingestion or inhalation of these products could cause serious adverse effects ”, says the note published last year by the international organization.

Despite this recommendation, in Bolivia the consumption of chlorine dioxide was promoted and it was even intended to pass a law promoting its use in the Legislative Assembly, without success.

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