The story of Cam McLellan, the man who earns € 157,000 a year without working

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Cam McLellan is a 47-year-old man who has found a way to earn $ 250,000 (about 157,000 euros) a year without having to work. He is the father of three children, who at their young age have already bought a house, valued at no more and no less than $ 671,000 in the state of Victoria, Australia.

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Being just in his twenties, the Australian began to accumulate properties that would allow him a profit so that he would not go back to work. By reaching 157,000 euros after taxes for the rental of his real estate, he put an end to his working life when he was about 36 years old.

Today, a team of experts manages your savings and that makes your lifestyle as comfortable as possible. However, his desire to retire as soon as he was born when he was just a teenager, due to the critical economic situation that his parents were going through. “I didn’t want my kids to go through that,” Cam told

The then 16-year-old realized that “we were poor” and moved to Melbourne. In that state, McLellan completed his VCE — the state’s end-of-school exam — while he had several jobs that covered his expenses.

Unhappy with his stressful routine, the man began to ponder what he could do with his money to change his lifestyle. “My driving force to invest was that I hated my alarm clock, I did not want to continue working for 50 years,” he confessed.

For this reason, Cam McLellan began “talking to rich people”, and one of these people ended up becoming his mentor and teaching him how to buy his first property. Thanks to the teachings he received, the young man ended up founding his own real estate company called OpenCorp.

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