Android 13 – release date and compatible models: all the information

Google has changed the script a bit, because after Android 12 came Android 12L, a special version for devices with larger screens such as Chromebooks, folding or tablets. However, it is foreseeable that the next big version of Android be Android 13.

An operating system is not created overnight, and therefore Google has been working on Android 13. From this development we begin to know some details, including possible news that will arrive with Android 13.

What cake name will Android 13 have?


Google officially abandoned desserts in Android 10, but internally they are still being used. Android 12 was Snow Cone and one of the first leaks about Android 13 was precisely its dessert: it will be the Tiramisu. This delicious dessert has already received several direct mentions from the Google development team, so it seems pretty clear that it will end up being the secret dessert of Android T.

What new features will Android 13 add?

It seems that it was yesterday when Google released Android 12, but work on Android 13 has long since begun, despite the fact that at the moment it has not leaked too much to the matter. For the moment we know small brush strokes from details that come to light between the AOSP source code and the occasional leak.

History and evolution of Android: how an operating system for digital cameras ended up conquering mobile phones

We learned for example that Google is working on disabling ghost process management in Android 13, after introducing changes in Android 12 that restricted too much to some applications. It is also rumored that searching for Wi-Fi networks could be decoupled from location permission.

Quite interesting will be the possibility of choose the language of an app separately, to have for example an application in English, another in Spanish. This can be useful in cases where an application is not well translated or you simply prefer to use it in another language than the mobile one for any other reason.


Another very important change will be the new permission for notifications, destined to cause a small revolution in our mobiles. Until now, applications did not need permission to send us notifications, although you could always deactivate them afterwards.

We will have to see how the matter finally ends and if there will be exceptions, but apparently in Android 13 the applications must ask permission to send notifications before sending them. If you don’t want notifications, you don’t need to do anything.


Another detail that has come to light in leaks is TARE, or The Android Resource Economy. It seems to be a tool for developers to check the status of processes and scheduled tasks, although it remains to be seen if it will have implications for users as well, such as a better system performance.

What design changes will Android 13 bring?

It is still a bit early to know what the design of Android 13 will look like, although after the radical design change that Android 12 brought, it is quite likely that it will stay the course and there will not be too many changes. It is also foreseeable that new features for large screens of Android 12L are integrated on Android 13, although this has not been confirmed.


A leaked Android 13 design detail is related to the lock screen clock. Although in Android 12 a clock is shown in large when there are no notifications and in small if there are, in Android 13 you will have the option to choose if you want to always use the small clock on lock screen.

When will Android 13 and its beta program be released?


Android 12 beta calendar. Android 13 could be similar

At the moment Google has not officially ruled on Android 13, although in recent years it has followed a more or less stable launch date pattern that allows us get an idea of ​​what to expect. Of course, we must bear in mind that the launch of Android 12L could disrupt these plans a bit.

Generally, Google launches the first beta for developers at the beginning of the year, in February or March, which is followed by a series of betas and candidate versions during the following months. The public beta program usually runs in May, coinciding with the Google I / O event. Finally, the official launch usually takes place in September or October, if there are no delays or surprises.

What mobiles are going to update to Android 13?


It is still early to know the terminals that will be updated to Android 13, beyond making speculations according to the years of updates that each manufacturer promises. What is clear is that The Google Pixel will be the first in having both the betas and the final version.

In theory, the Google Pixel 4 or higher should receive it, staying the Pixel 3a out, upon ending its support in May 2022. It is expected that other manufacturers will join the beta of Android 13 when it is available.

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