After 19 years on TV Azteca and losing the leading roles for “ugly”, villain ‘unmasks’ Televisa

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Mexico City.- A famous soap opera villain, who spent 19 years in the ranks of Aztec TV and returned to Televisa after 26 years of absence, reveals that lost many jobs for being “ugly”.

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In an interview with Yordi Pink for your YouTube channel, Luis Felipe Tovar He said that he had been an actor for decades, but could not get a chance on television, despite having triumphed in film.

“I entered television when I already had a 20-year career (…) I was already working in the cinema and television was not given to me,” he said.

If you weren’t on television, you were nobody, because people go to the theater little and don’t have that theater culture. Also, when I started making films, Mexican cinema was going through a regrettable stage. We fought hard to regain the public’s trust. ”

According to Tovar, he felt that they did not give him a screen to show his work on television precisely because of his physique. When asked why, he said:

For the estereotypes… because only Televisa existed. Now I’m working at Televisa, see how things in life are. You had to be the handsome man in the soap opera (…) these stereotypes where there was the gallant. They were like clones and I didn’t fit into that profile, which they regularly required. So they weren’t even inviting me, “he recalled.

On whether he ever lost a job because they wanted a “handsome”, he said without hesitation: “Of course, of course he did.” He even confessed that they even told him “Luis ‘feíto’ Tovar“.

Although he was denied even participating in some castings for not being the great “heartthrob”, the actor continued to fight for recognition and succeeded.

As it will be remembered, the talented villain and teacher spent 19 years in the ranks of TV Azteca after doing only If God takes my life (1995) on Televisa.

In the Ajusco he was in When you’re mine, Los Sánchez, Montecristo, Captive love Y Heart in condominium. After going to Telemundo and do projects like The inmate, Prisoner No. 1 Y Malverde: The Patron Saint, this 2021 I return to Televisa to My fortune is to love you.

Moment from minute 36:53 of the video:

Source: Yordi Rosado’s YouTube channel and Instagram @luisfelipetovar

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