Lisa Su, AMD SEO, confirmed a few hours ago that the company’s next architecture AMD Zen4 will make use of the manufacturing process of 5nm enhanced / optimized TSMC, which is called N5P.

This news is not new if we take into account that it was in April 2020 when there were already leaks ensuring that “TSMC’s Enhanced 5nm (N5P) Manufacturing Process is Exclusive to AMD“So we basically have confirmation, although sure, they were expected to use it last year, but a lot of unexpected things have happened since then.

AMD Ryzen 7000 @ 5nm

As revealed by TSMC itself, the improved version of its node promises a reduction in energy consumption of up to 15% improving performance by up to 7% with respect to the 5nm of 1st Generation. So they are quite noticeable differences when we talk about high-end products, and more if we take into account that the original predictions spoke up to 10% in improving energy consumption by improving performance by 5%.

“AMD continues to innovate across the board. It seems to AMD that leading the way in chiplet technology has helped bring the package together. AMD has had a strong demand for 7nm, we are introducing 6nm, and with Zen4 5nm. Our 5nm technology is highly optimized for high-performance computing, it’s not necessarily the same as other 5nm technologies out there. “

via: Anandtech