Casio Collection MQ-24, a “very light, practical and simple” watch with almost 20,000 opinions

While the smartwatches have broken into the gadgets most desired of recent years, the elementary function of a watch remains to tell the time. In this sense, the hand models are still a valid option both for older people and for those who like the appearance of a classic design on their wrist. It is the case of Casio Collection MQ-24 unisex mechanical watch, that in addition to having nearly 20,000 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon, stands out for the quality of your materials and his unbeatable price.


Durable resin body

A quality watch should be as comfortable What durable. That is why this Casio hand watch It is made with a resin box, a material strong and light which, furthermore, is relatively insensitive to cold, heat or other external influences. This same compound is used in its strap with buckle closure, so it is extremely durable and flexible. For its part, dial of hands is protected with a acrylic crystal hard to break.

David, one of the Amazon users who have tried it, comments that “the bracelet is very comfortable and feels good”, in addition to that “the dial is clear, with a very pleasant tone for easy reading and with clear and clean numbers. ”. Likewise, Inmaculada García thinks that it is “very light, practical and simple”. “For everyday use, it is phenomenal, with the precision and mechanism of Casio,” he adds.


Two-year battery and water resistant

The quality of the materials and its good construction make this Casio mechanical watch be waterproof, according to ISO 22810. This means that withstands small splashes, but it is not recommended to submerge it. It works with a battery which can reach a duration of up to two years.

“I am a woman with a small wrist and it fits me very well,” says a client. He also highlights that, although “it is very simple”, “it gives you the time and you can shower, bathe and swim with it”. For his part, the user Isaac ensures that it “works perfect” and “lasts for many years.” “You just have to change the battery and it is ready for other years,” he explains.


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* All prices included in this article are updated as of 01-11-2022.

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