Chiquis Rivera Debuts Luxurious $ 3 Million MANSION; in the middle of a family fight

While the Rivera family is immersed in a controversial family situation after revealing that there were irregularities in the handling of Jenni Rivera’s inheritance, Chiquis he is happy with life premiering his new mansion.

Although it was Chiquis herself who revealed that someone “very close” to her aunt Rosie took money from the inheritance and that her uncles Juan and Rosie are asking them for a certain amount of money to leave their positions within their companies. famous mother, now the singer prefers don’t tarnish your happiness when opening your new property.

Chiquis’s mansion

According to various internet portals the new property of Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter is valued at about $ 3 million which when converted to Mexican pesos gives the lavish amount of 62 million 730 thousand pesos according to exchange rate from this monday January 10, 2022.

The Chiquis mansion it’s located in Northridge, California, in the United States, and according to portals it has great amenities such as five bedrooms, six bathrooms, space for a gym and a pool.

According to journalist Nelsie Carrillo, Chiquis acquired the property since last month of November 2021 and it is also a neighbor of another famous Mexican regional music, it is about Gerardo Ortiz.

From what can be seen in the photographs, lThe facade of the mansion is made of quarry and the furniture inside the house of Chiquis are from luxury in white with chocolate and some in beige which combine with carpets and hardwood floors, it also has a large dressing room and shower with sauna.

Among the comments of the followers of Chiquis They assure that it is a way of showing that with work and with the desire, everything is possible because although she he received nothing from his famous mother’s inheritance, continues to succeed thanks to his music and his other businesses.


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