Court of Accounts detects possible crimes for $ 7 million in these 9 mayors

The legal director of the Court of Accounts, José Napoleón Domínguez, arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office to file the notices.

The Court of Accounts of the Republic (CCR) presented this Monday notices of possible crimes in nine mayors governed until April 30, 2021 for a total of $ 7 million.

The designated municipalities are: San Sebastián Salitrillo, Zaragoza, Ahuachapán, San Antonio del Monte, San Antonio Pajonal, Cuisnahuat, Sonzacate, San Francisco Menéndez and Candelaria La Frontera.

The crimes are: embezzlement, embezzlement, arbitrary acts, breach of duties, among others.

The highest amount observed is $ 4.4 million that would have been misused in the previous administration of the mayor of San Sebastián Salitrillo (Santa Ana), in the period from June 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021.

Likewise, the previous management of the mayor of San Francisco Menéndez (Ahuachapán) is questioned for $ 553,063.99 that were used from January 1 to December 31, 2020. The funds were assigned through decrees approved by the previous legislature to address the emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic and the red alert of storm Amanda.

In fact, seven notices against the same number of municipalities are linked to the administration of funds to attend the covid-19 pandemic and two are related to the use of the Fund for Economic and Social Development of Municipalities (Fodes).

The CCR law obliges the holders of the institution to “immediately notify” the attorney general of the Republic of the possible crimes they find.

Mayoralties appointed by the Court of Accounts
Source: Court of Accounts.



Amounts per crime


San Sebastián Salitrillo, department of Santa Ana

$ 4,475,132.52


Zaragoza, department of La Libertad

$ 235,351.10


Ahuachapán, department of Ahuachapán

$ 257,874.07


San Antonio del Monte, department of Sonsonate

$ 235,500.00


San Antonio Pajonal, department of Santa Ana

$ 156,200.00


Cuisnahuat, department of Sonsonate

$ 408,872.07


Sonzacate, department of Sonsonate

$ 310,375.74


San Francisco Menéndez, department of Ahuachapán

$ 553,063.99


Candelaria de la Frontera, department of Santa Ana

$ 395,000.00

Total amount of possible crimes: $ 7,027,369.49

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