Cruz Azul’s coaching staff is upset with TUDN


The TUDN broadcast of the match between Cruz Azul and Tijuana, last weekend, showed Juan Reynoso’s slate of notes and tactics for long seconds.

Reynoso and Cruz Azul's annoyance with TUDN
© Imago 7Reynoso and Cruz Azul’s annoyance with TUDN

Cruz Azul defeated Xolos de Tijuana 2-0 last Saturday, January 8, in a game valid for matchday 1 of the Liga MX 2022 Clausura tournament. Carlos Rodríguez and Rafael Baca were the scorers, but the spotlights went with Juan Reynoso, after the images from his blackboard leaked of tactical notes.

The TUDN broadcast showed for long seconds the place that was full of scores to play the game. The narrators even commented on this situation in a mocking tone. And the members of the coaching staff who were watching the match on TV, sent the information to the DT, so that he could hide his blackboard.

As revealed by the Half Time Filtered Touch column, the entire coaching staff is upset with the San Ángel Television. “During the match, one of the cameramen focused on a blackboard that Juan Reynoso usually carries in each match to make your notes and thus give feedback to your staff “, they begin.

But what happened? “The image lasted several seconds in the transmission and the narrators and commentators even mocked Reynoso’s way of writing. This was noticed by the Peruvian coach’s assistants who were watching the transmission and the game from another angle in the stands. so as not to lose any details “, adds the column.

“They were in charge of notifying Reynoso’s coaching staff what had just happened and They made the decision to turn the board over when they felt that the television station had exposed the intimacy of the tactical approach of the celestial room. There is no doubt that Reynoso’s work team was upset by what happened and now they will be more cautious on the bench to avoid another similar moment “, they close.

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