Dangerous cold enters the region – NBC New England

Temperatures continue to slowly drop tonight and we have a First Alert for the intense cold to come.

Snowfall or lake-effect gusts continue to spread from Lake Ontario thanks to the Arctic air mass moving above. Ocean-effect snow showers will develop on or near the outer cape with the northwest flow over Cape Cod Bay. A couple of inches of accumulation is possible through Tuesday morning.

Monday night lows fall to the single digits and below zero to the north. Any light breeze will add to the extreme cold. A west and northwest wind between 10 and 20 mph will make it feel like -10 to -20 degrees Tuesday morning.

Wind chill advisories are in effect for much of northern and inner central New England from Monday night through Tuesday. This means that you should limit your time outdoors and cover your skin. Frostbite can appear in 30 minutes or less, to 15 minutes or less with icy winds in the north below -20. Tuesday’s highs will be the coldest since January 2019, when Boston had a 10-degree high on January 29. We forecast a high of 14. Highs in the north of the country remain in the single digits.

Our temperatures return quickly with highs of 30 on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we cool down to 20 with an ocean storm that happens around Thursday through Friday. Some snow may brush the southeastern parts of New England, waves and gusts of wind may also increase. We will be monitoring this closely throughout the week.

This weekend we maintain some snow showers, with highs in the 20s. Another ocean storm passes early next week.

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