Eric del Castillo talks about the possibility of becoming a grandfather by Kate del Castillo

The father of the Mexican actress showed illusions about adopting the role of grandfather by his daughter, Kate del Castillo; However, when asked again about the possible event, he revealed that he has few expectations.

Months ago the actor acknowledged that he had scolded the protagonist of “Ungovernable” because he spends too much time in his work, which limits his personal life.

In this way, Don Eric preferred to be more reserved when referring to the possible motherhood of his daughter and to talk about the idea of ​​making him a grandfather, so he only mentioned: “It’s too late, right? …”.

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Thanks to the fact that the press persisted in explaining different methods that the actress could use to become a mother, the Mexican added “I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t think so, she’s not a child, her dog is already there. She is old and worried because I haven’t seen her for a year ”.

Still, Eric del Castillo did not limit himself to expressing his longing for a grandson. “Sure, sure, well, how could I not? I have nothing else, I have 2 of my son and 1 of Verónica.”

Among some of the proposed methods, before the idea that the artist could adopt, del Castillo replied: “I don’t know daughter, I don’t know … well I don’t.”

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