Grettell Valdez will lose a large part of a finger due to virus that could turn cancer

Grettell Valdez is going through a difficult time in 2022, as she will undergo a surgical operation to eradicate a virus that can transform into cancer.

After in September 2018 the 45-year-old artist revealed that she had suffered from this disease in one of her thumbs, which she overcame after surgery; However, a few weeks ago during one of his check-ups, the situation got complicated.

Grettell Valdez / Mexico Agency

Grettell Valdez / Mexico Agency

“About 4 years ago I had cancer on my finger, which they removed, made a graft and then it disappeared. I recently went for a check-up and (the doctor) told me ‘there is a bit that I don’t like, I’m going to take it away and we will send a biopsy,’ I said ‘ok’, “said the actress in an interview for the Hoy program.

And he added: “they come out like sores, they make me an appointment for my little surgery, and already being there on the plate, all ready, the doctor arrives and says’ I’m not going to operate … in a week it expanded and it is not normal'”.

After undergoing various studies, fortunately the cancer did not return, but a virus was detected that must be eliminated from his body, otherwise he could suffer from carcinoma again.

Grettell Valdez / Mexico Agency

Grettell Valdez / Mexico Agency

“Luckily we already know what it is, it is a virus, it is a wart that I have inside that is expanded, which is a virus that transmutes cancer, then I am at peace, we already know what it is, if they are going to have to remove a large part of my finger, but I don’t care ”, he concluded.

It will be in the coming weeks when Grettell will give more information about his health and the procedures he will receive to eradicate the evil that afflicts him.

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