‘I put on a double layer of clothes. Double pants’: neighbor

Although the temperature this Tuesday has been below freezing, New Yorkers like Librado Ferreras have no choice but to bundle up as well as possible and go to work.

“I put on a double layer of clothes. Double pants. Wear the boots, the gloves, all that, ”explained Ferreras.

It was that Tuesday morning was so cold that in the popular San Nicholas Avenue and 181 Street there were very few people and you did not see the same number of the typical street vendors … many preferred not to go out to work.

But Sandra, who works in a factory, had to face the intense cold.

“As you wish? Because if I don’t work, how do I eat? How do I pay for the room? This is unbearable here, ”said Sandra.


This week New York would have days with an Arctic cold: on Wednesday the minimum temperature is forecast to be below freezing mainly in the morning hours.

And on the weekend the thermometer could show just one digit.

When it is so cold it is important to avoid spending a lot of time outside and to wear layers.

It is essential to wear a hat that covers the ears, and gloves to take care of health in extreme temperatures.

“Whether you are an adult or a child, the most important thing is that you cover the areas where air can enter, which are the upper airways. Try to cover your nose, cover your mouth so that cold air does not enter into the airways and irritate the lungs ”, explained Denisse Núñez, a doctor at Somos Community Care.

For those who stay at home and use an electric heater, the fire department recommends that if they are going to use one of these devices that they place it at a distance of at least three meters from beds, furniture or curtains.

They should also not place these heaters in the bathroom or near areas with access to water.

Never connect them to an electric extension cord to prevent fires.

It is important to remember that the authorities ask New Yorkers if they do not have heat or hot water, or if they see a homeless person on the street to notify them by calling 311.

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