“It seemed that terrorists were being prosecuted,” family members of Cubans arrested on June 11 denounce

“It seemed that he was making trials of terrorists that they had attacked, planted bombs. We know that they fear that something will be armed for them out there. They created afraid“said Jonathan López Alonso, brother-in-law of Andy García Lorenzo, one of the 16 Cubans prosecuted in Santa Clara for the peaceful protests of July 11.

Roxana García Lorenzo said that his mother was able to enter the Villa Clara Provincial Court on the first day of trial. “Only one family member is allowed to witness the trial without cameras, without cell phones. Inside there they don’t even allow you to make facial expressions. Today lasted until 4:00 PM, there was a short half-hour break for lunch. At that moment my mother was able to go out and tell us what had happened. “

García said that his brother was asked “do you regret it? My brother told them that ‘I the only thing I regret is of, in the middle of the demonstration, have come out and on several occasions stand up and defend the Police“.

During the 11J protests, Andy Garcia Lorenzo “When things got hot he said ‘don’t mess with the police, this is contempt, we embarked. We are going to continue protesting that ours is peaceful.’ And my brother said so ‘The only thing I regret is having intervened so that they did not hit the Police’added.

Although the Prosecutor’s Office had planned to show videos of the 16 protesters processed by the 11J in Santa Clara, in the end they put them on us because “they say that his computer broke or something like that. I don’t know what they are up to,” he said.

“In the afternoon to them they were taken away handcuffed, with a police fence around so that we wouldn’t even see them. They took them out from behind“, he counted.

Roxana García Lorenzo said that the Provincial Court of Villa Clara “was completely fenced off with yellow ribbons. In this case, we were not even given the opportunity to go in and sit in a park in front of the audience. At the end the families meet under a tree. There wasn’t even a shadow to stand on. There was a security camera that was watching us all the time and the camera was spinning for us like we were criminals“.

“We are also in the sun. You cannot come here. They are orders from above,” an agent told Garcia.

“We had to spend the whole day out there like we were dogs,” Garcia said.

“It is incredible that in the midst of all the suffering that the rest of the families are going through, State Security does not stop our monitoring as if we were criminals, as if we were going to plant a bomb there, “he added.

Garcia said that “Inside the nearby schools there were State Security agents hiding there. It is a total lack of respect. They are implanting fear“.

Jonathan López Alonso said that “the streets were full of Suzuki engines, patrols everywhere, in civilian clothes, black berets. Even some old men, I believe combatants, they had the poor there spinning us around. They they are playing a lot with the terror of people“.

“We are awaiting the letters sent to the consulates”He said about the letters sent to more than 30 governments with representation on the Island to participate as observers in the trials.

“Too we are waiting for the international media. Already today the AP news agency promised us that it would write us an article. Partly this is for the hashtag #EFEcubrelosjujudices and they said let’s get soaked. If the foreign press agencies are not going to do their job, if they are going to be here to cover what the official media is doing, nothing more. Get out of the country then. What do they bring out into the world? What Cuban civil society does, that is not seen. That is only brought out by the independent media. If there were no independent media here, a leaf couldn’t be moved here, “he added.

Both thanked the support of people who came despite the police deployment in the area and who gave them their homes to charge their cell phones. “It fills us to know that we are not alone.”

Whatever happens to us, those responsible are State Security agents. In recent days they have been going to each of the detainees’ houses to tell them not to go to the trials, to only be the person they were going to attend. They threatened that they would not receive the aid that we offer through donations from people in exile and from here in Cuba, “said Roxana García Lorenzo.

“Tomorrow we will be there again. It doesn’t matter what work we have to go through. As long as my brother’s sentence is, we will be denouncing. We are not going to shut up, no matter if we are in better or worse condition than others. In the same way, he is in prison and should be free because he is innocent, “he added.

The activists Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas, Omar Mena, Saily González and Leidy Laura Hernández accompanied the family of Andy Garcia Lorenzo. The young man is accused of the alleged crimes of “public disorder” and “contempt”. The prosecution asks for him seven years in prison.

Day 1 of the trial of #AndyGarcia and the other brave of #santaclara Agencia EFE CNN in Spanish AP News Saily Gonzalez Velazquez

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