Lidom demands Sandber Pimentel return money from home run

The Winter Baseball League of the Dominican Republic admonished the player of the Eastern stars, Sandber Pimentel, for the incident on Sunday in which he received RD $ 20 thousand from a fan, after deciding the game against the Giants of the Cibao, with a home run.

Likewise, Pimentel promised to return the money and regretted the situation.

“This presidency made the decision to admonish him and asked him to return the money received, which in turn will be returned to the fan by the league. Both the player and his team demonstrated in accordance with the provisions ”, said the president of Lidom, Vitelio Mejía to Diario Libre.

Mejía received on Tuesday Pimentel, the general manager of the Stars, Felix peguero, to the leader Pedro Lopez and the president of the National Federation of Professional Baseball Players, Erick almonte, to resolve the situation.

“The player admitted having made a mistake as a result of the emotion of the moment and apologized in front of the league to the fans and in front of the managers and leaders of his team, clarifying that he was sorry for what happened and that at no time it was his intention to jeopardize the good image of the league or its team, the Eastern stars”Added Mejía.

Mejía had explained to Diario Libre on Monday that there was no specific regulation to sanction the act, but that the situation lent itself to questioning the interests of the organization.

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“This type of conduct is not allowed and we will also let the fan know … In this case it is about Pimentel recognizing that it was a mistake and that the message is clear that it will not be possible for these attitudes to be allowed in our baseball league, “added the president of Lidom.

The agreed amount

On Sunday, prior to his turn at bat, a fan yelled at Sandber Pimentel that he was going to strike out, but that if he hit a home run he would pay him RD $ 20,000. Pimentel homered to Ryan Kussmaul to put the Gigantes del Cibao on the ground and the fan delivered the agreed number.

Dionisio Soldevila Brea has a degree in Law and a sports writer since 1998. He has been Deputy Editor in Chief and Sports Editor of Diario Libre since January 2021.

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