Nacho Ambriz regretted the defeat suffered against Pumas

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For Ignacio Ambriz there were no excuses after the scandalous thrashed that Toluca suffered against Pumas in the University Olympic Stadium and on the contrary, preferred to recognize the superiority of the rival after the defeat.

“Opposite I had a great rival who has played a great game, which was far superior. The result was very scandalous, but I think they created a lot of scoring chances, we weren’t good and nothing, that I have to work too hard with the team and with the awareness thatwe master to improve a lot, “Ambriz said in a conference.

Toluca received 5 goals at beginning of Closing 2022 in a game that had to play on monday because the scarlet picture had up to 7 players infected with covid and for this reason it was rescheduled for this day.

I don’t like to lose in our presentation with five, it could be up to 6-0. It is difficult, it is what disturbed me the most because we were working with great enthusiasm and desire to start on the right foot and apologize to the fans because today we had a very bad night, “said the DT who did not want to attribute the defeat to the covid cases.

I’m not going to detract from Pumas And all I have to do is work and see how we are recovering the people who could not play and who today were there to play for 15 or 20 minutes. I don’t like to start like this because it hits a lot mentally and for the fans, “he concluded.



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