Valeria Quiroz “La Gringuita”, the ex of “Chapo” Guzmán and Canelo Álvarez

The figure of Valeria Quiroz had a special role in the kingpin’s life since he met him in 2009, years later he also had an affair with the boxer Álvarez, with whom he had a daughter.

“Canelo” Álvarez He is the best pound-for-pound Mexican boxer today. This has made him stand out for his skills at a national and international level, which has led him to compete against the best boxers in the world, obtaining the respect of the public that follows this sport.

Although his facet as a boxer is well known, it is not the only side of Álvarez’s coin, some of these different perspectives are shared on social networks by him or his family.

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But there is a theme that has been little explored in the life of the boxer, being hermetically and jealously guarded, his love relationships and his children. Although his life living with celebrities, or his wedding with his now wife Fernanda GomezThey are themes that he usually shares, there are some situations that in one way or another have been kept hidden.

Such is the case of a daughter “unknown”, The second he had, called Mia Ener, fruit of the relationship he had with a model named Valeria Quiroz, around 2014.

The daughter does not appear at her father’s competitions, nor is she seen during his father’s family moments, but she is a connection between Álvarez and the powerful drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo.

In 2017, some photographs of the model came to light Valeria quiroz, when he was 15 years old, next to the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, with whom he would have had a two-year relationship in 2009, a relationship that ended when Quiroz was 17 years old.

After this relationship with the criminal, the model met the Guadalajara boxer five years later, with whom she had her daughter, Mia Ener. When the pregnancy situation became known, Álvarez had a relationship with the driver Marisol González, when she was 26 years old and Canelo 19.

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At first, the boxer did not recognize Mía as his daughter, but after a legal battle waged by her mother, he ended up accepting her as his second daughter, since he had a first-born, Karen Cinnamon, who he had at 17 with Karen Beltrán .

The “secret” courtship with “Chapo” Guzmán

Valeria Rubí Quiroz He initially claimed that he met the drug lord in 2009 (when he was married to Emma Coronel for two years), but denied knowing that her boyfriend was the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel and a fugitive from justice.

La Gringuita, next to Chapo Guzmán. Illustrative and non-commercial photography.

In an interview that an alleged cousin of the model conducted for the program The fat and the skinny, showed the photographs of the times when Valeria had a relationship with the drug lord. The drug dealer had nicknamed him La Gringuita, by its physical appearance.

Two years later, in 2011, Guzmán Loera handed Valeria over to her parents and asked them not to let her return to Culiacán because he was going to “steal her again.” From that moment on, she was no longer heard from in public until she began dating Canelo.

When the relationship with the boxer ended, he disappeared again. The last known of Quiroz was that she lives in California, is married, has three children and dyed her hair dark, according to some photos of the young woman released while Guzmán Loera’s trial was being carried out in New York during 2019. but later they were deleted from Instagram.

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