“A Desperate Attempt”: Kim Kardashian Discusses Kanye West and Julia Fox’s Relationship

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West They formed one of the most famous and successful couples in the middle of the show, however after almost eight years of marriage and four children in between, they decided to separate.

With the divorce in process, by the end of 2021, during one of his concerts, the rapper openly expressed his wishes for Kim Kardashian to come back with him and later he bought a house in front of hers, corroborating his repentance with the businesswoman.

However, a few days ago he was seen with actress Julia Fox, with whom he has already confirmed his relationship, and in this regard, the member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you already have an opinion.

Here’s what Kim Kardashian thinks of Kanye West’s new relationship

According to a source close to middle “The Sun”: “Kim thinks it’s funny like Kanye He went from asking for a new opportunity to introducing his new girl across town in a matter of days. She knows it’s not serious and that it’s typical Kanye antics. ”

“Kim thinks it is another desperate attempt to make her jealous. She does not care, he’s way above him right now, so his little game isn’t working. All you want now with Kanye is raising his children and have a happy life. ”

While Kanye west he presumes his relationship with Julia Fox, Kim kardashian seems to be very serious with Pete davidson, with whom he recently went on vacation to the Bahamas.

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