Adal Ramones experiences a shopping movie situation at the supermarket

The famous former driver of Another roll and now tv presenter, Adal Ramones, was in charge of surprising followers of social networks by sharing a moment in which he seemed to be living a movie, one of those where the protagonists end up very scared by the things that happen, this time while he was going from shopping to the Super.

The famous I could not believe what I was witnessing and for this very reason I decided to share it, it was in state United When he was shopping at the Supermarket, he suddenly felt something strange and began to see a lot of birds flying over his car in the parking lot.

Worthy of a scary movie: “I don’t know when I got lost instead of Walmart I ended up in a Hitchcock movie, worse things will come, says the bible, ”he wrote in his Instagram post.

The incredible moment was recorded on his cell phone and we could appreciate it while he showed us how interesting the scene looked, really something that seems out of reality and out of science fiction.

Al Ramones remembered the movie “Birds”, One of the most famous productions of Alfred Hitchcock and his followers were asking him if he really was the one who recorded the video.


Adal Ramones / Instagram

Adal Ramones shared this movie moment on his social networks.

Some Internet users point out that this type of situation happens a lot in Texas, although they do not understand why it is always in shopping center parking lots, it seems that they like these open spaces a lot to carry out their collective movements.

The video is really interesting and we can see that it has more than 491,000 reproductions, in just a few hours it managed to get a lot of attention and of course the users could not stop observing the incredible scene.

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