America prepares a new offer for Pablo Solari; Jorge Meré, the option in defense

The Eagles will present Colo Colo with a higher proposal for the ‘Pibe’, while they are very close to signing the Spanish defender from Colonia

MEXICO — America continues with the assembly of his campus for the Closing 2022 and remains interested in obtaining the services of the Argentine Pablo Solari. The Americanists sent the leadership of the Colo-Colo an offer of two million dollars for the letter from the flyer that was categorically rejected by the chief executives, so they are preparing a new offensive for Solari with an offer above 2.5 million dollars to try to convince the Chilean club, sources confided to ESPN.

This proposal would be double what you paid Colo Colo for 80 percent of the player’s letter to Talleres de Córdoba. However, people close to the albos environment find it difficult that this amount is enough to get rid of SolariSince the Chilean board of directors plans to obtain at least four million for the player’s letter or, failing that, to keep him in the team so that he can play the Copa Libertadores and can increase its value in the market in the near future.

For now The Colo Colo board of directors is waiting for a new communication from the Mexican team to know the new figures that the Eagles put on the table, while the player trains with the rest of his teammates as part of the team’s preseason. The ‘Pibe’, as they call him within the club, is contemplated by coach Gustavo Quinteros for the first half of 2022, but in case it is arranged with America, the technician would seek the return of Martin Rodriguez.


After the discharge of Emanuel Aguilera, the Americanists are close to completing his replacement to reinforce the team’s defense. The Eagles have conversations with the Spanish Jorge Meré, who would arrive from Colonia de la Bundesliga German.

The Americanists were thinking of bringing in a Mexican player, but Meré’s option has taken hold and is on track to reach Coapa. The 24-year-old defender would fulfill the plan to rejuvenate the defensive zone and would go on to compete for a starting position with Bruno Valdez, Jordan Silva and Sebastián Cáceres.

Highlights of Meré It is his aerial game due to his height above 1.80 mts and although he has not had much participation in this season of the BundesligaIt is a firm option to get to Coapa.

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