Andrea Ojeda Cruz does not want to testify against Juanma López

Andrea Ojeda Cruz, ex-partner of ex-boxer Juan Manuel López Rivera and who claimed to be a victim of gender violence by him, insisted to Judge Ana Cruz Vélez that she does not want to testify in the case against the expugile.

These expressions represent a radical change to the previous ones that Ojeda Cruz made about her interest in continuing with the process last year since she published on social networks some images where she appears with bruises on her face, allegedly caused by López Rivera.

Ojeda Cruz addressed the judge during the court hearing in Caguas to communicate his dissatisfaction with the treatment he has apparently received from the prosecutors.

“The only reason for coming was to speak directly to you. I have met with these people, they have seen me cry telling them that I do not want to continue, I do not want to testify. I have no interest“Said Ojeda Cruz in the room.

Last November, the prosecutor Jaime Perea Mercado, reported during a hearing that the Office of Compensation and Services to Victims and Witnesses of Crime of the Department of Justice has offered Ojeda Cruz accompaniment services during the hearings, psychological and preventive rounds in coordination with the police. In addition, it has a legal advocate.

However, Ojeda Cruz pointed out that he has not had the support he requires.

“I understand that I was the one who posted it on social media. From that day my ordeal began. My mental health has been affected to the level that after leaving a meeting with the prosecutor, I went to the Panamericano Hospital, “said the young woman known on social networks as La Peki.

“I have been humiliated. The system has mistreated me more than Juanma López ”, he insisted. “I already forgot everything that Juanma López did to me. I already told the prosecutor that I do not want to testify and it is my wish. “

Judge Cruz Vélez decreed a recess for prosecutors to meet with Ojeda Cruz to discuss the courses to follow.

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