Andrés Lillini was effusive about Pumas’ win against Toluca


The Argentine coach appeared before the media after his team’s defeat of the Red Devils.

The coach was effusive about his team's show of superiority
© Imago 7The coach was effusive about his team’s show of superiority

Pumas got a scandal win against him Toluca in his first presentation of this Closing 2022. A ‘little hand’ that will be framed as one of the best matches since Andres Lillini has been on the bench. With this result, the auriazules are leaders of the tournament at the end of matchday 1.


The Argentine coach appeared before the media and did not show the effusiveness with which he was seen on the field when celebrating each of the goals of his directed. For Lillini, today is a confirmation that Pumas has a team to compete in Aztec football.

“I am happy with the squad I have. I asked the board to keep as many players as possible. And we have always been a competitive team that maintained the inertia of the last tournament where we improved in the final stage. We have to keep going with this campus and never stop growing. “said the coach.

According to the words of the Argentine coach, the victory received a greater stir because it was a rival led by Ignacio Ambriz. “I told them that it was not the beginning of a tournament but to continue with what we had done in the past. The team knew how to understand it and we maintained it for a large part of the game, we were superior to a great team and a high-ranking coach who I admire a lot and that magnifies our victory a little more. “

Finally, Lillini thanked the fans and asked for calm as it was only the first game of a new tournament. “Believe in this team. We thank the fans for being here, it’s not easy being on a Monday night. We thank those who believe in us and come to the stadium, we continue with our feet on the ground and from now on thinking about our next rival because we have a game in four days. “, Hill.

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