Carlos Bremer reveals the future of Luis Miguel; Is the race for the “Sol de México” over?

Businessman Charles Bremer is one of the businessmen responsible for the economic rescue of Luis Miguel, With Miguel German Magnani. Both collaborated with the production of the biographical series, which the singer would have received about 35 million dollars, according to Showbizz Daily.

In recent days, a rumor has spread that the interpreter of “Under the table“He finds himself bankrupt again, having lost all his money at parties. At the same time, he is in poor health after a fall led to surgery.

However, the Monterrey Charles Bremer noted during an interview for the Ventaneando program that Luis Miguel he is doing well, with healthy finances, since he has been able to cover his debts satisfactorily. As if that were not enough, he says he is ready to resume his singing career.

Advises you to return to the stage

“I will always be his friend, I will always take care of him. For me he is someone who has given Mexico so much so that I don’t care about his problems, you always have to be there to support him. He took the opportunity and cleaned up all his mistakes, he was very good with everyone. He fulfilled his debts to everyone and once again gave us the emotion of having him as the great that he is, “were the words of the businessman.

Bremer highlighted that Luis Miguel He was so bad that he couldn’t even sing anymore, so his close circle of friends made him see that he had a new opportunity to recover and return to the stage, which could certainly be one of the returns of the show.

“He couldn’t sing because he has an ear problem, but we told him there was no other chance, there was no other solution. We needed him up on stage, where he is big and can do a thousand things. He gets on stage, grabs the microphone and it’s the best ever, the best of America“, finished Bremer.


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