COVID: Mohni Vidente’s predictions about Ómicron

The pandemic will still continue for a few years, according to Mhoni Vidente.

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The astrologer Mhoni Vidente predicted that the new wave of COVID-19 infections that exploded almost in tune with the beginning of 2022 and that has been led by the Omicron variant, It could be extended until next month, that is, towards the end of February.

After the December holidays, in countries such as the United States and Mexico, cases of coronavirus have increased considerably, which has caused restrictions and social isolation to return in certain locations.

The new wave is largely due to the presence of the Omicron variant, which according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is more contagious and communicable, but apparently less dangerous.

I see that a lot of famous people are going to die because of that COVID“Commented the psychic in statements to the Heraldo de México, so she called to be careful and not lower our guard. And it is that, according to the astrologer, the wave of infections could last until February 20or. “There is much of this wave to be released,” he added.

He prophesied that soon, possibly in the middle of the year, a drug will come out that will completely “kill” this virusHowever, the pandemic will last until 2024.

Predictions of Mhoni Vidente about celebrities

The astrologer took the opportunity to talk about what 2022 will bring to some celebrities. Among them was the situation of the presenter Inés Gómez Mont, who is a fugitive from justice.

According to Mhoni Vidente, she is separated from her husband Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga and is collaborating with the authorities to reach an agreement. “It is no longer in the Dominican Republic, it has already moved. For me it is in the Cayman Islands, very close to Miami ”. He predicted that it is possible that have another arrest warrant this year “Because of another problem that the family of Inés Gómez Mont has, with her husband and her husband’s brother.”

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