Germán Villa does not see with good eyes the signing of Jonathan dos Santos with Club América

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What started as a good transfer market with Diego Valdés and Jonathan dos Santos for him America club, has been becoming one more proof that Santiago Banos He does not have enough capacity to lead a large team, since more players have left than they arrived, and negotiations with prospects remain stuck only in talks. As if that were not enough, there are those who question the arrival of one of the only two reinforcements Azulcremas, specifically to Jonathan dos Santos, who has clear objectives in this new project and served as a means of containment in the LA Galaxy of the Major League Soccer During the last years.

German Villa, eternal legend of America club, noted that the arrival of Jonathan dos Santos It has been too mediatic because the media have given it that weight, but in reality, the Mexican does not become a footballer who changes the reality that those of Coapa, as it will not define the important matches in a knockout phase. But nevertheless, town He also stressed the work and effort of Jona, highlighting its quality exposed in the Barcelona Soccer Club Y Europe in general.

Obviously he is a boy with a lot of quality and he showed it playing for Barcelona and playing in Europe. The media have been in charge of making a lot of commotion about the arrival of Jonathan dos Santos but he is not a boy who is going to change the situation in the team, nor is he going to change a game overnight, no He’s a guy who’s going to change a defining phase for you.

Germán Villa hopes that Jonathan dos Santos does not end up like Giovanni in America

On the other hand, town highlighted that the case of Giovanni dos santos What Cream blue It was strange, because the former ten of the Mexican team has the quality and skill that led him to play in one of the greatest of Spain, but in Mexico he chose to dedicate himself to collecting his salary in a comfortable way, without trying to show his game. German said to hope that this situation will not be repeated again with the least of the two saints, who will just begin his journey in the most winning institution of Mexico and the area of ​​the Concacaf.

To these boys, the Dos Santos brothers, we must return the cassette so that they can see how they came to succeed and how they did things in Barcelona so that they can do them again in Mexico, they really have a lot of potential to be idols and great players in the America just need to decide.

Who is Germán Villa, Club América legend?

On September 29, 1991, he made his debut against Club Leon one of the most important homegrown players in the history of America club. German Villa started his career as Cream blue, where he scored 12 goals in 527 games, but his main function was always containment in midfield. From 91 to 2008, town dressed the colors Azulcremas, achieving an enviable record that is made up of a Pre Liberators, two titles of Mexican First Division, a Champion of Champions, a Interamerican Cup, and two Concacaf Champions Cups.

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