Giselle Blondet will remove breast implants to improve her health

Puerto Rican television presenter Giselle blondet, he connected with his followers yesterday through a video that he posted on his Facebook account to announce that she had made a “very important decision” that could be of benefit to other women. The charismatic communicator will undergo an explant in the next few days in order to improve her health.

“In a few days I’m going to do what’s called an explant,” said 58-year-old Blondet.

The judge and substitute driver of “Our Latin Beauty” from Univision, She stated that “many years ago” she got implants to lift her breasts since “after three pregnancies she was not very comfortable how she looked” and they told her that “to be able to do that she needed to have an implant”.

“I have posts that are textured and closely related to what is now known as ‘implant disease.’ I constantly have a lot of pain, headache, tiredness, fatigue and I have already seen many cases where diseases like mine, which is rheumatoid arthritis, have been related to breast implant disease, so what I want to tell you is that I am going to have this surgery for that reason ”, communicated.

The graduate of the Free School of Music of Puerto Rico He added that he hopes that when he “no longer has those foreign objects” in his body, his discomfort will disappear.

“I hope that the pain in my hands will disappear, my pain improves, I sleep better, I feel that I can focus better on things and other symptoms that later I will speak calmly with you, but from now on I tell you that I am going to share with you this whole process so that together we can find solutions for all those people who may be suffering from these symptoms and have no idea what it could be, “he continued.

Blondet joins the list of celebrities who have decided to remove breast implants in recent years for a health issue. Among them are Alejandra Espinoza Y Vanessa de roide.

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