Gmail is the fourth app to exceed 10 billion downloads

Gmail downloads
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Google’s Gmail email service became the fourth application to overcome the barrier of 10 billion downloads on the Play Store platform, the official platform for Android devices.

The Gmail page at Google play store its number of downloads was updated and revealed in the last hours. The portal reported that the app has been downloaded more than 10 billion times worldwide.

Gmail, which is part of Google’s Workspace app ecosystem and is a free service, was originally launched in 2004.

In August 2010, Google implemented and launched a phone service built into the user interface. Google Gmail Chat. The service, called Google Video and Voice Chat, allows users to make free calls from their Gmail account.

Since 2014, the service has a native application for the Android system, although currently it is also available in other operating systems such as iOS, for Apple iPhones.

The mail app thus becomes the fourth to overcome the barrier of 10,000 million installations in the Play Store. Gmail mail is only behind Google Mobile Services, YouTube and Google Maps, all of them also developed by Google.

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