Grettel Valdez to be amputated to prevent cancer

Grettell Valdez did not have a good start to the year. The actress shared that she faces a health problem and so that this does not become more complicated, she will enter the operating room. In an interview with the morning Today, the soap opera actress revealed that in 2018 she was diagnosed with cancer in the thumb, but that thanks to surgery the disease was eradicated. Almost four years later, her doctor again detected the presence of an abnormality in the actress’s thumb, and to prevent it from turning into cancer, the decision has been made to cut off part of the finger.

Gretell valdez© @ gretellv
The actress said that it all started with cancer 4 years ago, but that it could return because her doctor detected an anomaly

“About 4 years ago I had cancer on my finger, which they removed, made a graft and then it disappeared. I recently went for a check-up and they told me, ‘There’s a bit that I don’t like, I’m going to remove it and we’ll send it to be biopsied (to do a biopsy),’ ”the actress explained. “They come out like sores, they make an appointment for my little surgery, and once I’m there on the plate, all ready, the doctor arrives and says: ‘I’m not going to operate on you, in a week it expanded and it’s not normal'”.

The soap opera artist like Doctors, lifeline He explained exactly what he has on his thumb: “It is a wart that I have inside that is expanded, which is a virus that transmutes into cancer.” He added that, to prevent the virus from evolving into cancer, he will undergo part of the amputation of his thumb. “Yes they are going to remove a large part of my finger, but I don’t care.”

Gretell valdes© @ gretellv
The soap opera star will undergo an operation in which part of his thumb will be removed, in this way the virus will not evolve into cancer

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