He couldn’t stand Solari anymore, the 3rd player who fought with DT and leaves America

The third player who fought with Solari and leaves
The third player who fought with Solari and leaves

The footballer could no longer bear the theme of Santiago Solari and the problems that are generated in the internal America club, all because of the lousy management of the dressing room that the coach has. According to the W Deportes report, Solari removed another element from the Ame.

Solari’s experiments that would cost him his job in America

Is that the surprising departure of Emanuel Aguilera surprises. Although he had no level to play, the defender was one of those who was ratified in the squad, for Santiago Banos. Journalist Jonatan Peña exposed the case and pointed out that Baños was the one who supported Aguilera, but not Solari.

There the struggle and friction occurred between the player and the coach, who in the end, was not going to take it into account, hence the departure of the element. Aguilera thus ended up at Atlas, a club that did open the chance for the Argentine footballer.

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How many players have fought with Santiago Solari in America?

According to the W Deportes report, the first in the fight was Sebastián Córdova, the second, according to El Universal, was Richard Sánchez, while the last is Emanuel Aguilera.

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