How to always see the menu bar on our Mac, even with full-screen apps

The menu bar of our Mac gives us access to many tools and utilities. Utilities that refer both to the app that we are using at any given moment, as well as to the system information. With this, it may be interesting to see this bar permanently, even when we use full screen apps.

Hey! And my menu bar?

By default the menu bar is hidden when we are working in a full screen app. This is so for avoid taking up space as necessary, but sometimes that space occupied by the bar is justified by the amount of information we see in it.

If this is our situation, it may be a good idea make menu bar never hide, nor when we have full screen apps. Fortunately, Apple offers us this option. These are the steps to follow to activate it.

  1. In the Apple menu () we touch on System preferences.
  2. We came in Dock and menu bar.
  3. We deactivate the option Hide and show menu bar automatically in full screen mode.

With this simple gesture we will make the system stop automatically hiding the menu bar when we enter full screen with any application. Thanks to this we will have the different options that this menu always offers us at hand.

Batteries, the way to keep the desktop of our Mac tidy automatically

And that’s it. A simple resource that, from what I have been able to see, is known rather little. A resource that, according to our way of using the different elements of the menu bar can really come in handy.

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