“I couldn’t have children”: Evaluna reveals the difficulties she faced in getting pregnant

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Evaluna and Camilo announced that they were expecting their first baby during October of last year, and they did it in the most magical way in the video clip of the song “Indigo”, the same name that they will give to their firstborn.

After some months since the reveal and for the couple to show how happy you are at this stage in their lives recently Ricardo Montaner’s daughter attended a talk with Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson of VOUS Church, in which he opened up about the difficulties you had getting pregnant

Eva Luna He confessed that the outlook for conceiving was not hopeful, because: “Doctors told me a million times that I could not have children and that it was going to be impossible because of my hormones and for all these other things that were supposedly not right with my body. ”

Indigo was a miracle in Evaluna and Camilo’s life

The singer confessed, “It’s really cool to be able to share this with people because many people are struggling with it, not only with infertility, but with ‘waiting’. I think that waiting is the most difficult thing to understand, that your faith continues to be just as strong in waiting. ”

In the conversation, Evaluna recalled the approach she had with DawnCheré Wilkerson to face your infertility situation, and noted:

“You told me, ‘Don’t believe what they say, stick to what you believe and what God has said in your life.’ So that’s what I did and it happened right away. It’s really cool to see how it happened in our lives.” . That is why Indigo is a miracle in the life of Evaluna and Camilo, and is one of the most anticipated babies of 2022.

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