‘I had better results’; Gasly sends ‘indirect’ to Checo and Red Bull

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A new controversy wraps up the french pilot Pierre Gasly, Well, he sent him another one hint both to Checo Pérez as to the Red Bull team, remembering that dinto Formula 1 he raced with themHowever, it could not shine.

Some time ago Gasly there was already disputed to Red Bull for having renewed Checo Pérez, Well, at that moment I didn’t understand why they gave it continuity; now, time later, has highlighted that he had better results that the Mexican.

Gasly sends indirectly to Checo Pérez

In an interview with ‘Auto Motor und Sport’, Pierre Gasly he sent him a stone to Checo Pérez and his former team, because in his opinion it does not seem coherent to compare himself with ‘other pilots’ of Red Bull, because if he did, the result is that he had better results than any other.

It’s disappointing compare myself with those to whom they were given a chance to have a seat at Red Bull. Based on the numbers and results, I showed a better performance than any other driver in the team “, said the driver of AlphaTauri today.

Gasly he knows he has the talent and skill like to give a great leap into Formula 1, be in a new opportunity with Red Bull or another team, so he will try to exert himself in each race and either in this 2022 or in 2023, you will get ‘a better seat’.

There will be opportunities Y Everything happens very fast in the Formula 1. If I can finish fifth in qualifying with a mid-grid car, with a faster one I would do better. I know what i want to achieve in this sport and nothing has changed, but That doesn’t mean that if it doesn’t happen in 2022, it won’t happen in 2023 either.. I believe in myself. My desire to fight for a championship is strong, “he said.

During the season 2021 of the Formula 1 Pierre Gasly finished on the ninth position after adding 110 points; He only got on the podium once and achieved one of the fastest laps, so he hopes that this year he will have his revenge.


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