I will not see the Qatar World Cup: Eric Cantona

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Eric Cantona does not keep what he thinks, he has always been characterized by being direct and was categorical when talking about the world that will be disputed in Qatar this 2022, by stating that you will not see the competition of FIFA.

“To be honest, i won’t see the next world cup, because it is not for me. I am not against it being held in places where football is promoted, as it happened in South Africa and in U.S, but Qatar is not a football country”, He declared in an interview with Sportmail.

The main reason he gave is irrefutable, since during the construction of the stadiums that will be used in the World Cup 2022 there were many cases of labor exploitation and many people died.

It’s all about money. Not only is he not expected to have bequeathed in the country. Thousands of people have died building the stadiums. And still we are going to celebrate the World Cup there. It’s horrible, ”he added.

Cantona questioned that people vote for a World Cup in Qatar taking into account that it puts meritocracy and potential as the essence of football, where young people have the chance to get ahead if they live in a poor neighborhood.

“And I still think that young players they can grow in a very poor area, most of the players come from poor areas. And they become football players and they have the chance to save themselves and their family, which is great. And if you are good, you are good. Is a meritocracy: if you are better than the next one, you will play and it is fair “, he commented.

“That is why, perhaps, if the meritocracy and the potential are the essence of football, it is even more surprising that we can organize a world Cup in Qatar, and people really voted for it. “

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