“I would like to study medicine to be a contribution to the public health of the country”: Cristian Pérez, national score of the Andrés Sabella Lyceum of Antofagasta

“I prepared myself to be a national score from January 1, 2021”. That was the determination that the 18-year-old from Tocopillano had from the beginning Cristian Perez Miranda, graduated from the Andrés Sabella Bicentennial High School in Antofagasta and the only national math score in our region that comes from public education.

This interview with Timeline.cl He does it from La Moneda, minutes after finishing a meeting with other national scores with the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera. Express trip that arose after he was contacted by the Executive so that he would go until said appointment accompanied by his mother.

Cristian Pérez and his mother with the Minister of Education Raúl Figueroa in La Moneda (Santiago) | Photo provided by the interviewee

Cristian says that the goal of being a national score entailed several sacrifices, long hours of study that included watching tutorial videos on YouTube, pre-university and the work done in his educational establishment.

“I woke up to see classes, had lunch, went back to see classes. When I entered the school, I had classes from 08:30 to 14:00 and after 16 to 22 hours I entered pre-university ”, he indicates.

Although he was born in Tocopilla, Cristian moved to Antofagasta at age 10 with his family in search of better opportunities, and he found them. In his new high school, he showed his talent for mathematics by winning the Olympics that were held there, studying only fifth grade.

  • How was it that you prepared yourself to be a national score and not just to give a good test?

I prepared to be a national score from January 1, 2021, only, by my own decision, I fished YouTube and started to watch prerecorded classes. I was locked up all summer studying day and night, then in February I entered Simón High School, where I had excellent teachers (…) who motivated me a lot because they saw the potential I had, at least in the area of ​​mathematics and science. I also had support in my Lyceum.

  • What was the reaction of your family? How did you find out?

In the morning I was very attentive to a call “in case of”, and they called me at 09:30 in the morning, they asked me my name and they told me they were from the undersecretary, to which I run to my sister to to record that moment, and they tell me I’m scoring nationally in math. It was a sea of ​​emotions.

The first thing I did was call my dad to tell him, then my best friend, and then I went to my mom to tell her work. We were both there crying. Then I uploaded a post with the reaction video to my social networks (check below), and I began to receive calls and congratulations everywhere, my head teacher, my director, from the CMDS called me, I felt very good and welcomed.

  • You indicated at the time that you want to study medicine. Why that degree?

I would like to study medicine to be a contribution to the public health of the country, because there is a lot to improve. I always liked the scientific area, the health area, so I am very well on my way to studying medicine. I’d like to stay in town (for now).

  • What is your view that this score was achieved by studying in public education?

I feel super proud to represent my Lyceum as it is a way of representing all the bicentennial high schools in the country. I do believe that I am part of the “yes, it can”, despite the fact that my parents had the possibility of paying for a pre-university degree. I also really appreciate the support that people have given me for coming from a municipal high school, and the truth is that I feel super happy.

  • What message would you give to young people who see in you the possibility of achieving a national score?

That the work goes by oneself. If they work, they are constant, the results will be seen. I come from a public high school, I worked hard, locked up in the room every day and it was possible. Now I am in La Moneda, and yes you can, regardless of where you are, it doesn’t matter, it may be more difficult than private schools, but you can. That goes in one. If one is constant, it will work.

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