Jenni Rivera: relatives of those who died with the singer reveal that they were never compensated

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The Rivera family in recent weeks has been involved in controversy, after Rosie and Juan Rivera, brothers of the late Jenni Rivera, were removed from their positions as administrators of the singer’s assets to make way for Jacqie Rivera as the new executor of said fortune.

In addition to the dimes and tellings that the Rivera family has starred in social networks, where Chiquis, Doña Rosa, Lupillo, Juan and Rosie have been protagonists, relatives of the workers who died in the plane crash together with the “Diva de la Banda” nine years ago, they have spoken and accuse the dynasty of not having compensated them despite the fact that the victims were in the service of the singer for many years.

In an interview for the magazine “TVyNovelas”, one of those affected by this accident stated that the Rivera family never approached them and left them adrift after the tragedy.

“After the accident we were all hurt, Pain eats away when one has nothing, we have no means above us, no money, no companies, no social networks, where they pay us … it is difficult to explain what I feel the Rivera family didn’t even show their faces. We never get a penny”, He sentenced.

The informant, whose identity was not disclosed, explained that despite the fact that all the victims’ relatives united against the Rivera family to demand payment after the plane crash, none of the family attended to them and they were left adrift.

“They filed for bankruptcy and gave us a penny cut in half, Neither they, nor the Rivera family, they didn’t even have the attention to ask us what we needed. Jenni would never have done it to us”.

Relatives of the deceased attack Rosie Rivera

When questioned about the controversy surrounding the Rivera, in which Rosie is accused of financial mismanagement with her sister’s assets, the informant lashed out at her, accusing her of being a bad person.

“Rosie is a witch, she feels like the artist, she didn’t even take our call.. They say that she is not an easy person, she is the devil …He never wanted to speak well to us but I really hope one day karma catches up with him, “he added.

“We have already learned to live like this for 9 years, but I don’t want to talk about the Rivera, they are rats fighting a sack. Rosie’s already paying for it, everybody knows who she is and with that I consider myself well paid. ”

On December 9, 2012, the plane in which Jenni Rivera was traveling bound for Monterrey collapsed. The singer and the six people who were with her died: Arturo Rivera Ruiz, Jacob Yavale, José Armando Sánchez, Mario Macías Pacheco, Alejandro Torres Álvarez and Miguel Pérez Soto.

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