José Antonio García remembers the encounter that Solari had with ‘Profe’ Cruz in Atlante

However, the former Barça manager pointed out that the now America coach was always very focused

MEXICO — Jose Antonio Garcia remember with great respect the stay of Santiago Solari at Atlante, in the twilight of his career as a footballer, between 2009 and 2010.

In this vein, he recalled Jose Antonio that Solari, who came to the Colts aged 33, became a benchmark for Barça and all his teammates, many of them very young, as is the case with ‘Hobbit’ Bermúdez himself at that time, they respected him a lot.

He explained that Santiago Solari, current technical director of América, always had good attitudes and a “first-rate” behavior in the Atlante, despite the fact that he is currently in controversy for entering the field to angrily claim the central judge in the commitment before Puebla of the first day.

“He always supported the group,” he said, although most of the time he had to ‘warm up the bench’ under the technical direction of the ‘Profe’ José Guadalupe Cruz.

Precisely, the fact of not having much activity kept the Argentine restless, who at one point had a ‘run-in’ with his coach, according to José Antonio García.

“The ‘Profe’ and Solari had a ‘clash’, I had to intervene and everything was solved,” said the former owner of Atlante.

Solari He was always a very located guy, very focused, but logically he got to have discomfort for not being a starter, for not playing … But far from crossing his arms, he trained more; he was very professional. “

“Everyone in life has a personality and we can be very calm and calm, but there is a day that one can explode and take out that pressure that can be around … What can I say, if I am explosive and passionate; also me ‘ I warm up ‘for something I don’t like, “he concluded Jose Antonio Garcia.

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