MLB and the Association will meet on Thursday

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association will hold a bargaining session Thursday, picking up the talks (via Zoom) in an effort to move toward a labor agreement.

MLB – which spurred the meeting – hopes to present a new proposal on economic and competitive issues that addresses player concerns. It is the first meeting of this kind between both parties since the strike began on December 2.

The two parties have met to discuss other issues in the weeks after the strike, but no economic issues have been discussed.

On December 1, MLB made a proposal that the union rejected, leaving the table set for the start of the strike that began in the early hours of the next day. The league has been working on different proposals that will pave the way for a deal, according to one source, that are based on concessions that have already been put on the table.

Among them are the Draft lottery, which would help discourage purposely losing in search of a better seed in the Amateur Draft, the elimination of the qualified offer system, the universal designated hitter and an increase in the minimum wage for the youngest players. .

The Players Association has been seeking greater material gains, including changes to free agency, Super 2 eligibility, and revenue sharing.

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