Natalia Esperón returns to soap operas 10 years later and this is how she currently looks

Natalia Esperón She is one of the consensual protagonists since the 90s, when she shone in stories like ‘Agurtas de color de rosa’. We saw it grow, but also disappear, and in recent years it was away from soap operas … But this 2022 it will return.

The actress has had occasional appearances on television, after she was married to Pepe Bastón, Eva Longoria’s current husband. We saw her in some soap operas and even in a chapter of Mujeres Asesinas, but for a decade she had not formally returned.

In social networks he usually uploads few photographs, and many of them are from memory …

But he has already started working on the new telenovela dand Salvador Mejía, ‘Corazón guerrero’, where Gonzalo García Vivanco is already confirmed as a leading man.

But the protagonist, Alejandra Espinoza, was the one who boasted the first photos of the cast from the corridors of Televisa San Ángel, and there we saw Natalia Esperón. The first actress Ana Martin also appears in the photograph.

It is curious that for 10 years we had not seen Natalia Esperón in soap operas, and she precisely worked with Ana Martin, in the successful and unforgettable Amores verdaderos.

Natalia and Ana Martin in True Loves

Now they will join forces again in this story where we will see the search for justice of three brothers, who will be played by Gonzalo, Rodrigo Guirao and Christian de la Campa.

It is about new bets of protagonists by the producer Salvador Mejía, who returns to Televisa after four years of absence.


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